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8 Week "Ramp Up" Fitness Program

8 Week "Ramp Up" Fitness Program

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One-time purchase of 8 week program through B Strong App.

Have you looked into online fitness programs but found them too intimidating or overwhelming?

Do you repeatedly start new fitness regimens but struggle to stay consistent?

This program will strategically and gradually increase the amount of time you dedicate to movement and exercise:

  • initially, each workout will take 5-8min to complete
  • eventually, you'll be doing three 20min workouts per week!

The equipment used is:

  • a mat (lying on a towel works too!)
  • 1-2 pair of approximately 5-10lb dumbbells (cans of food/water bottles work too!)
  • a 55-75cm stability ball (alternative exercises are provided if you don't have one)

Everything is delivered via the B Strong App, which provides you with:

  • directions for the program and each workout
  • video demonstrations of each individual exercise
  • the ability to message your trainer with feedback, questions or to share your achievements
  • educational messages and articles about proper form and how to achieve lasting results
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