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B Strong Fit Club: FITNESS

B Strong Fit Club: FITNESS

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Subscription to B Strong App with monthly automatic renewal.

This at-home OR gym program program is ideal for individuals looking to:

  • adhere to an evidence-based, balanced fitness program
  • build strength and/or change body composition
  • improve overall health [reduce stress, manage/prevent chronic pain and illness, improve insulin resistance, heart health, cholesterol & blood pressure]
  • level up their foundation of total body strength
  • achieve results from their fitness regimen more efficiently
  • build confidence and self-esteem

Everything is delivered via the B Strong App, which provides you with:

  • directions for the program and each workout
  • video demonstrations of each individual exercise
  • the ability to message your trainer with feedback, questions or to share your achievements
  • educational messages and articles about proper form and how to achieve results

Equipment needed:

  • mat
  • dumbbells
  • stability Ball [55-75cm]

Program can be done in a gym to progress exercises and build greater strength! Direct message your trainer through the app so that they know if you have access to a wider variety of equipment and they'll tailor your program accordingly!

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